We want you to know some things about your delicious made-to-order pizza that is going home with you in that box. The crust is both light and crispy at the same time because the dough used to make your pizza is made fresh every morning – never frozen or stored overnight.  That is why our customers always tell us that our crust smells and tastes just like fresh homemade bread.  YUM!

Handmade fresh - every day

The sauce on your pizza was made that day from premium tomatoes and spices combined into Howie’s secret recipe for an amazing marinara sauce – no standard run-of-the-mill pizza sauce used here!

The 2-combination cheese on your pizza was grated and blended by hand that day to give it that texture, colour and taste that sets us apart from the others.

We hand-slice our pepperoni, ham and italian sausage every day so you can be sure that you are getting the freshest ingredients and that nothing is cooked from frozen.

A Slice of Life

Every vegetable on your pizza was hand-chosen and diced by Howie daily to ensure quality and freshness.

Fresh Is Best

Your pizza is cooked to perfection in a slate-bottomed gas oven, making its way to you piping hot and DELICIOUS.

Delivery? No Problem.